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How do I get sign in info for the Lifetouch Yearbooks website (e.g., WebEase or Volumes)?

When your representative enrolls you in the Online Yearbooks website, two emails containing sign-in credentials were emailed to the adviser associated with the account. This email would have been sent from your representative’s email address. You may also request your User Name and Password on the sign-in screen of

How do I contact my Lifetouch Yearbook representative?

If you are using the Lifetouch Online Yearbooks program, you can contact your representative directly through the Contact Form under the Help tab. You may also submit your information through this form, and your representative will be in touch. 

How do I check on my yearbook shipment?

You can check your yearbook delivery status under the Contract Details section

I am a new adviser and we are using Lifetouch for our yearbook. How do I get started?

Complete the form below and your yearbook representative will contact you. Once you are enrolled in the Lifetouch Online Yearbooks program, you will receive sign-in information so that you can begin working on your yearbook. TIP: View the Get Started Tutorial located in the Help section for useful information about creating a yearbook with Lifetouch.

Who do I ask with questions about my invoice?

Contact your Lifetouch Yearbook Representative with any invoice questions.  

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