Yearbook Page Types & Content Sections

Make your school yearbook more interesting with different page types and content sections.

Content Sections

Content Sections

Here are some of the sections you may want to include in your school yearbook:

  • Student Life: All the different aspects of students’ lives, both during and after school.
  • Academics: The daily lives of students pursuing their education. Include various photo sizes that show the big picture and the smaller details that make learning fun.
  • Activities: All the different clubs and organizations that students are involved in. Include large group photos and fun candid photos to highlight the value of membership.
  • Sports: Energetic action photos that capture a variety of people and games. Use copy and captions with the photos to document the stories and facts of the season.
  • Advertising: Can include local business ads, as well as ads that recognize student achievements or help raise funds.
Getting Started

Planning School Yearbook Coverage with a Ladder Diagram

A ladder diagram is a chart that helps you plan each of your yearbook spreads (two facing pages in a book). It’s a simple way to plan the subject and location of each page.

Follow these steps to plan your content with a ladder.

  • Determine the number of pages in your yearbook.
  • Allocate the number of pages needed for your opening (title pages, opening spread, etc.), divider pages and closing section.
  • Calculate the number of pages needed for the “people” section.
  • Add the pages needed for sports.
  • Estimate the number of ad and index pages required.
  • Distribute the remaining pages among the other sections of your yearbook.
  • Count the number of pages for each section to check that coverage is fair and balanced.
Page Types

Yearbook Page Types

Below are some common yearbook page types:

  • Title Page: The first page in the yearbook. Title pages should include your school name, year, city, state, website address and any other important information.
  • Portrait Pages: Contain school portraits and names of the people in your school.
  • Activity Pages: Contain school photos and memories of school events, team sports and field trips.
  • Divider Pages: The first page of each of your yearbook sections. These pages give your book an organized, unified appearance.
  • Memorial Pages: Honor a person’s memory with a memorial page.
  • Autograph Pages: The blank pages for student signatures and personal messages—they usually appear at the back of the book.
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