School Yearbook Covers

Whether you want a professional, pre-designed yearbook cover, or you want to create your own, Lifetouch makes it easy and fun.

High School Yearbook Covers

High School Yearbook Covers

  • Volumes Litho Line yearbook covers let your yearbook staff create a vibrant and colorful cover.
  • Volumes Heritage Series yearbook covers feature high-quality cover materials for a unique and classic look.
  • Numerous optional enhancements are available for your school yearbook cover, including foil, silkscreening, embossing, die-cuts and cover grain.
  • One hour of FREE Creative Services design is included with your cover. See how they take an idea and turn it into a masterpiece.
Elementary and Middle School Yearbooks

Middle School Yearbook Covers

  • Our wide variety of predesigned yearbook covers are designed with middle school students in mind.
  • ProDesign is a traditional yearbook cover with some customizable features, like using your school colors and adding your mascot. 
  • Choose from a number of montage yearbook cover designs that include Lifetouch portraits of all of your students photographed.
Elementary School Yearbook Covers

Elementary School Yearbook Covers

  • Choose from one of our pre-designed yearbook cover options that feature colorful, playful graphics.
  • Use student artwork or create a scrapbook-style design cover to show your school’s unique style.
  • Create montage yearbook covers made up of your student’s Lifetouch portraits. Students love looking for their portraits in a montage. 
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