Yearbook Photography

Photographs are the heart of your school yearbook and help tell the story of the school year.

Planning Yearbook Photography

Planning Yearbook Photography

Plan your yearbook photography in advance to make sure you have everything covered:

  • Make a list of the group photos you’ll need to take for organizations, clubs and sports teams.
  • Make a list of events that will need to be photographed.
  • Assign the items on the lists to your photographers and clearly communicate what’s needed for each yearbook page.
Taking Great Yearbook Photos

Taking Great Yearbook Photos

Here are some general guidelines to get you started:

  • Every photo should capture a subject, action, reaction or emotion.
  • Aim for 75 percent vertical photos for your yearbook. Vertical photos let you get more of the subject in the photo.
  • Photograph from the subject’s point of view for an interesting perspective.
  • Make sure your staff understands the rules of photo composition to ensure they take great photos.
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