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Covering More Students in the Yearbook

1. Picture of the Week

I started “picture of the week”.  Each week I encourage the students to take creative “non-traditional” photos so they may be chosen for picture of the week.  The photos are then displayed in the cafeteria for one week then moved to our wall of fame.

- Tami Howser, Wilson Middle School


2. Most Wanted

I print out the portraits and when a student has been placed on a page, they are crossed off and cannot be used in the book again (with a few exceptions). This way, I have different kids in every picture and rarely have to worry about duplicate photos being used.

We also have a most wanted list that I have the teachers generate. They are those kids who never get noticed by the camera.

- Kristin Hayward, Meadow Park Middle School


3. Mini-collages

Instead of having white space on portrait pages, I use any extra space for "mini collages" of photos specific to that classroom.

- Joanne Kaminski, Northeast School


4. Open House Photographers

Recruit “photographers” at open house – ask them to take pics at school parties and/or any other time they’re at the school – many parents/grandparents carry cameras and it’s just as simple as asking them to take pics of various students as opposed to just their own – you’ll be surprised at the variety of pics you’ll get.

Ask the teachers or teacher’s aides to submit pics – many take pics for weekly newsletters, their classroom webpage, etc. They’re there every day and can often catch those non-party related activities that mean so much to the students.

For middle school or junior high where a Yearbook class doesn’t exist – see about utilizing student council or even starting a photography/yearbook club – students can get practice taking photos and the better ones can be published in the yearbook – a great way to get shy kids or those not involved in other academic, social or athletic clubs involved!

- Deena Smith, Steadley Elementary School

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