School Yearbook Enhancements

Take a good school yearbook and make it great by choosing from a wide variety of yearbook enhancements.

WebEase Enhancements

Enhancements for elementary school yearbooks

Select from a wide variety of enhancements to personalize and upgrade the yearbook, including:

  • Zoom: A Year in Review insert
  • Personalized Covers
  • Repositionable Stickys
  • Autograph Signing Pens

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Volumes Enhancements

Enhancements for secondary school yearbooks

Choose from an array of high quality cover and book enhancements that will make your book a stand-out! You can have the book of your dreams—and well within your budget!

  • Upgrade to a Heritage cover material.
  • Enhance your cover with die-cutting, embossing, foil printing and more!
  • Heavier paper stocks and other page enhancements also available.

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