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You want a yearbook that reflects positively on your school community. Lifetouch offers the tools and resources to help you achieve your yearbook goals.

Tell Your School’s Unique Story

From the first day of school to graduation day, your school year is filled with moments that families want to see in the yearbook. Use these approaches to ensure you cover it all!

  • Plan ahead. Look at your school calendar and use our Coverage Checklist to determine key events and plan to have a photographer available.
  • Talk to teachers. Many teachers take photos in the classroom, capturing various projects that may not be covered in the school calendar. These photos offer a great glimpse into the learning that goes on in classrooms.
  • Reach out to families. Parents are family members take lots of photos at school events. In your school newsletter or other communications, ask parents to submit photos. If you have a Community Upload site, advertise to parents—it makes gathering photos a snap.
  • Avoid posed shots. To tell the story of the year, try to photograph students in action—participating in a lab, playing on the playground, etc. This will give parents a chance to see what is happening in the school, as opposed to posed pictures. Check out this tutorial on taking great photos.
  • Learn from other’s successes. See ideas from other advisers.

Ensure that Every Child Receives a Yearbook

Your staff works hard to create a yearbook—make sure all families have a chance to enjoy it with easy tools from Lifetouch!

  • Sell at your Back to School Event. Schools that sell yearbooks during back to school timeframe experience increased sales. Use the Back to School Sales Tools to get the word out.
  • Get community Support. The Yearbook Donation Program helps you get community support to help every child get a yearbook.
  • Host a Last Chance Sale. Give families one last chance to buy a yearbook using Last Chance Tools—they’ll thank you for it!
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