Sales Tips

Don’t let students and parents miss your yearbook sale. Develop a campaign that gets their attention, and keeps it.

Top 10 Poster

Pre-Sale Promotions

Clearly advertise the date of your sale, the cost of the yearbook, and how they can pay. Here are some promotion ideas:

  • At the beginning of the year, make sure yearbook sales dates are included on the school calendar.
  • Declare a “Yearbook Sales Week” (or two), and ask school staff members and students to help publicize it.
  • Provide buttons or t-shirts showing the sale date. Write the sale information on marker boards or visit classes to make announcements about the sales week.
  • Post yearbook information on your school’s website.
  • Announce the sale of the yearbook over the PA system each day for a week prior to the yearbook sale.
  • Send postcards, newsletters or emails with sale details home to parents.
Yearbook Sales Flyer

Yearbook Selling Tools

The right communication tools can make a huge difference in your yearbook sales. Use one or all of these tools to get the word out:

  • Sales flyers in both English and Spanish are available from Lifetouch to help you collect money for the yearbook sale. Yearbook sales flyers can include your school’s name, the price and payment information.
  • Place posters in prominent places throughout your school. Use posters provided by Lifetouch, or create your own. Be sure the poster includes the date and time of your yearbook sale.
  • Send a letter home to parents explaining the benefits of ordering a yearbook.

Yearbook Sales Tips

From timing to location, here are some general tips for a successful school yearbook sale:

  • Generate early yearbook sales—Send ordering information in summer mailings, offer a discounted price at registration, and promote the yearbook on Picture Day.
  • Offer yearbook packages—Give discounted prices for ordering additional extras and enhancements.
  • Use the Lifetouch YBPay online ordering and payment program—Ask your Lifetouch yearbook representative for more information.
  • Implement mail/e-mail campaigns—Ask parents, friends of the school, staff relatives and friends to supply names and addresses for a one-time mailing to potential new buyers. If your school sends e-mail communications to families, include a yearbook purchase message.
  • Choose a high-traffic location—This will help you get the attention of as many people as possible. 
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