Yearbook Donation Program

Every child deserves a yearbook. Promote a Yearbook Donation Program in your school to ensure no student misses out on the memories captured in your yearbook.

Gift Certificate

Yearbook Gift Certificate

Edit this interactive PDF and print off yearbook gift certificates.

Donation Letter

Yearbook Donation Letter

Send a letter home to parents explaing more about the donation program.

Donation Form

Yearbook Donation Form

Edit the form with your yearbook price, payment information and due date in the space provided. Make a PDF or copies and send home to families. Attach to your existing yearbook order forms or email/mail  to parents using the School Letter template.

Donation Form 2011

Electronic Yearbook Donation Form

To provide this form to your schools’ parents, download the PDF and copy the URL in the address line. Paste the URL hyperlink on your school’s website and direct parents to print out a copy and return their donation to the school.


Promotional Script

Get the word out about the Donation Program. Copy and paste the provided text to use in your parent newsletter, e-mail or school website. You can also read the announcement in your outbound communication.

Our yearbook plays an important role in helping us to all feel connected, and is something students and families treasure for a lifetime. For some parents, it may not be possible to purchase the yearbook. If you are able to donate toward or sponsor additional yearbook copies for students who may not otherwise receive one, we greatly appreciate your generosity. Contact (Enter Name) for more information.

Sales Tracking Sheet

Yearbook Donation Tracking Form

Use this sheet to track yearbook donations received.

Thank You Letter

Yearbook Donation Thank You Letter

Send a thank you to those who donated yearbooks.

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